Tedion/acaricide sources

jonesc jonesc at phage.cshl.org
Mon Aug 22 10:48:43 EST 1994

We're trying to find a source for Tedion (or any other acaricide which
Drosophilists have used with good results) here in the U.S. None of the
major toxic chemical companies have been able (or willing) to point us
in the right direction. Does anyone have a source for this (also called

We have no experience with other acaricides described by Ashburner
(Chlorfenothol, Aramite, Dicofol, Quinomethionate) -- can anyone
comment (either for or against) on any of these?

If there is sufficient interest, I'd be happy to summarize any
information I get.


Christopher Jones (jonesc at cshl.org)

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