North American Drosophila Board

Wed Dec 7 16:06:53 EST 1994

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The Drosophila Board meets annually during the Flymeeting to
discuss issues of relevance to the fly community. The Board is
composed of:
- regional representatives who represent *you*.
- the present, immediate past and future meetings organizers.
- ex officio members representing stock centers, DIS, DIN,
Between meetings, the Board is polled by its president on any
other issue that may need attention. Board reps serve three-year
terms; the terms are staggered.
With this posting I am listing the main issues that were
discussed at the last Board meeting. Please contact your regional
rep if you would like
further details, or if you have comments or issues that you want
brought up at future Board meetings.
The current regional reps are:
Northeast: Welcome Bender
Mid-Atlantic: Margarete Heck
Great Lakes: Helen Salz
Midwest: Bill Engels
Heartland: Juan Botas
California: John Tower
Northwest: Susan Parkhurst
Canada: Tom Grigliatti
The current Board President is Claire Cronmiller.
Addresses of all these individuals are in FlyBase.
Agenda of last Board meeting:
1. Administrative matters related to financial and organizational
2. Annual flymeeting format, in general, and related issues
3. Statistics for the current meeting (V. Finnerty, organizer)
4. Future meetings (meeting locations rotate: east coast - west
   coast- central)  

The dates, sites and organizers for the next several meetings
1995, Atlanta, April 5-9, A. Spradling
1996, San Diego, April 27-May 1, Jim Posakony
1997, Chicago or New Orleans, dates TBA [~April 16-20], Organizer
1998, East Coast site TBA, dates TBA, Organizer TBA
1999, Seattle, dates TBA, Barbara Wakimoto and Susan Parkhurst
If you wish to volunteer to organize one of the meetings, please
contact Claire Cronmiller.
5. Reports on operations, statistics and administration from:
      Larry Sandler Lectureship Committee
      Stock Centers 

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