dissection of ring glands

Hampton Carson hampton at UHUNIX.UHCC.HAWAII.EDU
Wed Dec 7 15:18:02 EST 1994

Years ago I had good success dissecting the ring gland out of D. robusta 
young pupae and old larvae after reading the lucid account in the old 
Demerec book 'Biology of Drosophila" (1950). From larvae, its very easy 
since it sits right anterior to the two hemispheres of the brain and 
sticks onto the brain and suboesophageal ganglion which easily dissects 
out as a unit: its harder in pupae, since it can no longer be located by 
finding the brain. The Demerec account is for D. virilis which, like 
robusta, is probably easier to handle than melanogaster because of their 
larger size. I think that one of Bodenstein's papers was useful. Of 
course there may be some recent anatomical accounts or directions that 
are better, but I don't know of any.  Good luck  Aloha from Hamp Carson

On Wed, 7 Dec 1994, ivette emery wrote:

> Hi fellow drosophilists,
> I need to learn to dissect ring glands from young adults and pupa.  Can
> anyone give me tips on how to go about doing this?  I would appreciate any
> help.
> Thanks, ivette
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