gene with XhoI fragment wanted

Gerald Alan Meister geraldam at
Thu Dec 15 18:29:10 EST 1994

I have some single-fly Drosophila genomic Southern blots which have been
digested with Xho I.  I wish to reprobe these blots with a single copy
gene to estimate the amount of DNA loaded per lane.  The problem is that
the single copy genes for which I have probes(eg: Adh and ry) are cut only
once by Xho I.  The bands on the Southern blots therefore are very large,
extending from the single internal site to genomic DNA on either side of
the gene.  Unfortunately, the high molecular weight DNA didn't transfer
efficiently on many of these blots. 

Does anyone have, or know of, a gene which would generate an internal Xho I
fragment of about 0.5 to 5 kb in Drosophila DNA?  If so I would greatly 
appreciate receiving some DNA or a bacterial stock. 

Thanks in advance,
Gerry Meister
T.A. Grigliatti's lab
University of British Columbia

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