FlyBase Update (new genes file)

FlyBase Project Members flybase at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Dec 20 12:18:44 EST 1994

FlyBase Update   - New release of genes file.

A new version of the FlyBase genes files has been released to the Indiana
server and Gopher host. This file includes a large amount of new and
revised information.

The total number of 'genes' in this release is 7,009, an increase of over
200 since the last major release; that of alleles is 19,542, an increase of
about 600. Nearly 3,000 records have been revised.

The file is to be found in the flybase/genes directory. The derivative
files, e.g., of synonyms and gene products have also been updated.

All records are now date stamped. All gene records existing on May 16 1994
have the date 16 May 94 in a *H field (or displayed in the pretty text
versions).  The date of any subsequent updates, or the date of entry of a
new record, is also shown in this field.

Previous versions of the genes file included a number of records that were
not genes, in any obvious sense of the word, i.e., EST sequences, vectors
etc. These have now been removed to the new clones and transposons file
(flybase/clones and flybase/transposons).

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