Droso Neuro Meeting

Ghysen Alain aghysen at ulb.ac.be
Wed Jan 12 12:59:38 EST 1994

Dear colleague:

This is the second and last announcement for the 1994 European Meeting on 
Drosophila Neurobiology, October 3 (9AM) to October 6 (noon) 1994, near 
Montpellier, France. 

Please tell us by fax or mail if you are interested in attending the 
meeting, or if you cannot attend this meeting but would like your name to 
be kept in the mailing list for 1996.

Intended participants will receive additional information next month.
Best wishes for 1994, fly well.

send answers to:
e-mail: rpreszow at ulb.ac.be
fax: (32.2.)650.9744

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