Drosophila spp. phylogeny?

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>Can anyone help me place the species D. willistoni, D. saltans and D.
>pseudoobscura in the Drosophila genus phylogenetic tree.

Have a look at:

Pelandakis and Solignac (1993) Molecular phylogeny of _Drosophila_ based
on ribosomal RNA sequences. J Mol Evol 37: 525-543.

DeSalle (1992) The phylgenetic relationships of flies in the family
Drosophilidae deduced from mtDNA sequences. Mol Phylo Evol 1:31-40.

DeSalle (991) Morphological andd molecular systematics of the
Drosophilidae. Ann Rev Ecol Syst 22: 447-475.

Also, I think Rob DeSalle has a paper in the latest Systematic Biology
(vol 42 #4 - sorry, I don't have the page numbers) on _Drosophila_

I hope that helps.

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