Non-melanogaster chrom. maps?

Mohamed Noor mnoo at
Wed Jan 26 19:55:45 EST 1994

>jb031504 at (Jim Bone)  writes:
>Is anyone familiar with a common source of chromosome maps from
>species of Drosophila other than melanogaster, preferably a book
>with several compiled maps.  I particularly need pseudoobscura,
>azteca, ananassae, robusta, persimilis, simulans and willistoni.
>Reply by Email or posting.

If you're looking for linkage maps, a good pseudoobscura linkage
map is in  :

  "Genetic Maps: Locus Maps of Complex Genomes", 6th ed. (1993),
     S.J. O'Brien (ed.), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press,
     Plainview, NY.

  It's under "Insects" and the map was compiled by W. Anderson.
  I don't have the book, so it might have other species as well.

For a willistoni linkage map :

   Ehrman, L. and J.R. Powell (1982) "The Drosophila willistoni
     Species Group"  In  The Genetics and Biology of Drosophila
     vol. 3b, M. Ashburner, H.L. Carson, and J.N. Thompson Jr.
     (eds.), New York: Academic Press.    page 200

Good luck!

  --Mohamed Noor

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