Drosophila spp. phylogeny?

Jim Bone jb031504 at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Thu Jan 27 17:34:35 EST 1994

In article <1994Jan27.101856.1 at science.adelaide.edu.au>,
rdkortschak at science.adelaide.edu.au wrote:
> Can anyone help me place the species D. willistoni, D. saltans and D.
> pseudoobscura in the Drosophila genus phylogenetic tree.
> thanks
> Daniel Kortschak

Drosophila phylogeny breaks down species in the genus Drosophila into
subgenus, then group, subgroup and finally species.  All three of the
species listed are in the subgenus Sophophora, the same subgenus containing
D. melanogaster.  During the Sophophora radiation, the groups that contain
all these species diverged from each other, sometime between 53 and 46
million years ago (according to source reproduced on pg 1111 of Ashburners
Drosophila lab manual).  D. saltans is in the saltans group, willistoni in
the willistoni group, and pseudoobscura in the obscura group.  There are
extensive references in the Ashburner book that might be of further help,
including a phylogenetic radiation tree of the genus Drosophila, including
the major subgenera and groups.


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