Font w/Male-Female symbols?

Mark D. Garfinkel mg16 at
Thu Jun 9 08:09:16 EST 1994

Apple provided a bitmapped font called "Mobile" which contained
male and female symbols as option-1 and option-2 characters. It
was a simple matter to use ResEdit to modify option-3 into a
virgin-female symbol. I've done so for personal use, and I call
the font "Mobile Genetics", obviously.

Offhand I don't know if Apple still includes "Mobile" with
the System 7.x discs for new-generation Macintoshes. Getting ahold
of "Mobile" from someone with System 6.x is a good idea, since
the old bitmapped font does work with System 7.x. "Mobile" prints
a bit raggedly on LaserWriters.


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