Font w/Male-Female symbols?

Eric Cabot ecec at
Thu Jun 9 07:37:33 EST 1994

In article <2t5hjp$a94 at> sstolten at (Scott Stoltenberg) writes:
>I have been unable to locate a font that has male and female symbols.  
>If you know of such a font please email me about it.  Oh, by the way,
>Macintosh format is necessary.  Thanks.

Well I'd hardly consider this a Drosophila topic, but here's one solution.
Get ahold of WordPerfect for the Macintosh and use the WPcharacters 
function: 5,4= male  5,5=female.  Wperf will use graphics to draw
the character if the font that *you want* to use doesn't have those symbols.

Eric Cabot
Disclaimer: I have no connection to the WordPerfect Corporation, 
             the views expressed in this posting are my own.

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