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Thu Jun 9 17:41:03 EST 1994

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> International Font is available at the University of Michigan archives:
> Merit Software
> Archives/macintosh/system.extensions/font/truetype/intersymbols.cpt.hqx
> The male symbol is m and female f.  This font is a freeware truetype font
> so it laserprints well.

Sorry if this didn't work.  I should mention the font must be unbinhexed
(.hqx extension) and then uncompacted (.cpt extension).  Uncompacting can
be done by down loading "compact pro" from any of a number of sites and
putting the file through it (one installed on your MAC it actually
automatically uncompacts incoming files!).  For example at the same site as
above look in

Archives/macintosh/utilities/compression/compactpro 1.35p.sea.hqx

This must also be unbinhexed but is a self extracting archive.  Sorry about
wasting bandwidth with this information if it seems basic to some.  These
are all common programs used to download stuff for the various FTP sites
and may be useful even if you don't need this font.

Tony Long
Center for Population Biology
U. C. Davis
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