Stock request: P[yellow+] on Chr-2 Balancer

Mark D. Garfinkel garfinkl at
Thu Jun 23 11:59:24 EST 1994

For a P mutagenesis screen using delta2,3(99B), I desire
a mobilizable P[yellow+] on a Chromosome 2 balancer as
"ammunition." CyO would be alright, as would any other
Cy-marked SM-series chromosome. The structure of the P[y+]
element isn't important, so long as it can efficiently
exit its present site.

I can't use a P[white+] element on CyO because of other
uses for white-marked & white+ chromosomes in the scheme.

Reply by posting is OK; e-mail better.

Thank you.

Mark D. Garfinkel (e-mail: garfinkl at
My views are my own, which is why they're copyright (c) 1994

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