Collecting eggs: when's best?

Eugen C. Buehler buehler at
Sat Jun 25 07:41:45 EST 1994

    I have generally found that we get the most eggs starting about 2 hours
after the dark cycle begins.  Other factors include the age of the flies
(younger flies will tend to lay more) and the stock you are injecting (w-
lay a lot more than ry-).  Finally, fresh yeast paste seems to be a strong
inducement to lay eggs.  To see our whole protocol see our Web server at:

                                                Eugen Buehler
                                                Dept. of Biological Sciences
                                                University of Pittsburgh

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nbaggott at (Nicholas Baggott) wrote:
>We've been doing a lot of microinjections and have gotten to the point
>where a limiting factor is egg availablity.  Could anyone send me a
>reference or give me advice on factors that affect egg laying.  I'm
>especially interested in knowing what time of the light-dark cycle is best
>for collecting fresh eggs.

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