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FlyBase Project Members flybase at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Mar 15 13:44:50 EST 1994

FlyBase update March 15 1994 - new bibliographic reference files

FlyBase has produced updated files of the bibliography concerned with
the biology and genetics of Drosophila.  There are currently 62516
reference entries, as well as 4426 serial entries.  The data can be
accessed either through the FlyBase gopher server or by anonymous ftp
from the FlyBase server (

The reference data are available in Unix REFER format to allow direct
import into reference handling software.  The data are also available
in "comma-separated value" (csv) file form, which can be used by many
spreadsheet and database programs, as well as in report format (rpt)
and field delimited text format (txt).

There are four documentation files.  References-format.doc describes
in detail the formats of the reference files.  References-source.doc
gives the sources that have been incorporated into the FlyBase
bibliograpy.  References-biosis.doc is a copyright with respect to
those bibliographic entries taken from BIOSIS.  References.doc is a
merge of the three doc files.

The data and documentation files are found under the "References"
choice in the FlyBase menu using the FlyBase gopher server at IUBio.
The gopher server allows the user to search on any word in the
reference data files, returning all matching entries in REFER format,
which can then be browsed or saved.

Included in each entry in the reference data files is a unique ID of
the form 'FBrf' followed by 7 digits; this is used to facilitate
cross-referencing among databases.

The anonymous ftp directory is flybase/refs.  The data files are
broken down by decade (pre 1950, 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979,
1980-1989, 1990-present) to ease ftp transfer.

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