Help find CO2 pads.

Charlie Wright Genetics cw117 at
Mon May 9 08:28:52 EST 1994

We construct our own from perspex (plexiglass) sheets cut with a router 
and cemented together to form the plate.  Hole drilled in side to accept 
glass tube with rubber grommet.  The surface is a porous (fibrous?) 
synthetic material purchased by the sheet and cut to size with heavy 
shears. This is much like the material used in Hybaid and similar vacuum 
Southern blotting devices, but thinner.  If this is lightly cemented into 
the surface (paper cement or similar) it can be replaced when it becomes 
to filthy to clean with EtOH and plugged.

If anyone wants more information, I can try to find more details. Design 
is purely a matter of personal taste (size, shape).

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