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Tue May 10 21:55:49 EST 1994

Last week, I posted an article here that noted the availability of
a theoretical paper by Reinitz et al. on developmental aspects of
stripe formation in early embryos of Drosophila.

Now, the archive has a second, related paper:  a pre-print (sans
figures, alas) of an article by Kerszberg and Changeux, scheduled
to appear in PNAS in the next few months, that approaches the same
problem from a genetic perspective.

The two papers are:

Positional_Info.*	Reinitz et al. (1992) Model for cooperative
   technical report	control of positional information in Drosophila
   figures included	by bicoid and maternal hunchback.

grad.*			Kerszberg and Changeux (1994) A model for
   PNAS pre-print	reading morphogenetic gradients:  Autocatalysis
   figures missing	and competition at the gene level.

These two papers are available on via gopher (path
Ecology and Evolution/ Research papers.../ Drosophila.../) or FTP
See the README files there for abstracts and other information.

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