DNA prep for P1 clones? Qiagen or PEG?

Charlie Wright Genetics cw117 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue May 17 05:57:26 EST 1994

I'm about to do 250ml (mini in the case of P1) preps of some of the P1 
clones found on flybase.  The only Protocol given says Grow O/N, 
innoculate large flask, add IPTG to induce amplification, grow some more. 
"proceed with the Qiagen maxi-prep according to the kit protocol".  The 
problem is, there isn't a Qiagen for P1 bacteriophage kit.  I could treat 
it like a really big plasmid, but does anyone know how the elution 
buffers should be modified (if at all?)  Help, help.

Others have suggested PEG precipitation.

Any experience appreciated.

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