Response to advertising (no biology content)

Eric Cabot ecec at
Wed May 25 07:44:22 EST 1994

In article <2ru1d0$ont at> favis at RASCAL.MED.HARVARD.EDU writes:
>Greetings Netters,
>	I would like to encourage everyone to send their favorite Drosophila
>sequence to the individual responsible for posting the thigh cream ad. The 
>longer the sequence, the better. His address is:  keogh at
>			Reyna Favis

I think that everybody should follow their own conscience on this one.

While I personally fired off a *most* obscene message to the offending
advertiser, I'd hesitate to publically encourage a mass mailbombing 
campaign which could potentially exacerbate the wasted bandwitdth aspect
of this unfortunate incident.

Eric Cabot

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