Keeping lab Drosophila out of the lab cafeteria

Julian Dow GBAA02 at
Sat Nov 19 12:20:25 EST 1994

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rick at (Richard Lockshin) wrote:

> actually, we try to control errant Drosophila by taking Erlenmeyer flasks
> filled with some Drosophila food (or the occasional banana skin), leaving
> them open for a few hours, attracting a bunch of flies, and then capping
> the flask and sticking it in the freezer.  It isn't perfect, but it keeps
> the wandering population down.
We use an inexpensive UV bug killer of the type sold for domestic/garden
applications. I worried that the spacing of the HT wires would be too wide,
but the satisfying crack I hear a few times a day assures me otherwise.
Incidentally, as these flies EXPLODE, don't set up PCRs nearby...

We still have a small population of wandering flies, but when I saw what we
had in the tray at the base of the lamp last time it was cleaned out, I
think it has a significant impact.

Of course, I may be selecting for a UV-blind mutation...
 - Julian Dow

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