Keeping lab Drosophila out of the lab cafeteria

Robin Panza panzar at
Sun Nov 27 05:46:21 EST 1994

In article <pabjmw.6.000DBC0F at>, pabjmw at (J.M. Wortley) writes:
> I have a few friends working on drosophilid attraction pheremones.  They've 
> GLCd most of the compounds, and just have to work out the relative importance.
> When they find the strongest, I'll send you a spray for the cafeteria workers 
> clothes, then they'll be must more appealing to the flies than any fruit juice.
> Problem solved!
> Jon

Personally, I found sherry to be an excellent attractant.  I was collecting
flies at a winery, and the sherry smell was strong enough to compete with the
smell from the vats quite effectively.  It should be quite good for keeping the
flies out of the fruit juice, although I don't know how to keep the workers out
of the traps . . . .


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