Re mapping Df's by PCR

oujac at oujac at
Mon Nov 28 07:34:39 EST 1994

Hi Dr. Shaffer and all interested,
There is a way of mapping Df(3)'s that I know of using a similar technique. 
What one does in fact is to have an embryonic phenotype for recognising the
embryos that do _not_ carry the Df - not as direct as positive selection, but
perhaps the best option currently available.
We have a TM3 balancer marked with beta-gal under the hb promoter (expressed
in the early embryo, among other times).  If the Df(3) survives over TM3, make
a stock of Df(3)/TM3 hb-beta-gal, collect eggs, stain blue and PCR white eggs. 
Is this any help?  Of course it's limited to Df(3)'s that are fertile over TM3.

Ben Yudkin

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