New Stocks Search on FlyBase

Kathy Matthews matthewk at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Thu Sep 15 19:42:54 EST 1994

The stocks search routine on FlyBase has been changed such that all three
D. melanogaster stock centers (Bloomington, Mid-America, and Umea) are
now searched at once.  I think this will be more convenient in the long
run, but it has caused some confusion initially.  The Stocks menu now looks 
like this on a gopher+ unix client (your screen may look somewhat different, 
but the basic options will be the same):


 -->  1.  Search Stock-center stocks (gopher+ form)/ <??>
      2.  Search Stock-center stocks (gopher-)  <?>
      3.  Search stocks from various labs <?>
      4.  Search species stocks (gopher+ form)/ <??>
      5.  Search species stocks (gopher-) <?>
      6.  HELP.doc  [14Sep94, 5kb]
      7.  labs/
      8.  stock-centers/
      9.  stocks.doc  [19Aug94, 32kb]

Choosing option 1 and searching for Df(3R)by62 produces the following:

                   Search Stock-center stocks (gopher+ form)

-->  1.  Titles of matches to "Df(3R)by62"
      2.  Select items to return as one document <??>
      3.  (1) #1893 Df(3R)by62, T(2;3)by[62], red[1] e[1]/TM1
      4.  (2) #2453 ri[1] betaTub85D[n] e[1]/TM3, Sb[1]  * = B2t[n]
      5.  (3) #2325.0 Df(3R)by62, red e/TM1
      6.  (4) #88430 Df(3R)by62, T(2:3)by[62], red e / TM1, Me ri sbd[l]

Three stocks containing Df(3R)by62 were found by the search, in this
case because all three centers carry this stock.  It is important that
you use the correct stock number for the center from which you are
ordering.  You must look at the *whole record*, not just the title 
shown on the return menu, to find out where an individual stock is 
located.  The three relevant records look like this:

#1893 Df(3R)by62, T(2;3)by[62], red[1] e[1]/TM1
Breakpts: 085D11-14;085F06  041h;085F06
Comments: Ken Kemphues
Center: Bloomington Stock Center (Indiana Univ.)   Contact: matthewk at

#88430 Df(3R)by62, T(2:3)by[62], red e / TM1, Me ri sbd[l]
Breakpts: 085D11-14;085F16
Center: Umea Stock Center  Contact: Karen Ekstrom helena.ostbye at

#2325.0 Df(3R)by62, red e/TM1
Center: Mid-America Stock Center (Bowling Green) Contact: dmelano at

Every stock record available to this search option has location and contact
information in it, but you've got to look.  

--  Kathy

Department of Biology		MATTHEWK at INDIANA.EDU
Indiana University              MATTHEWK at IUBACS    
Bloomington, IN  47405-6801     812-855-5782

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