CNS/embryo mounting capillaries

jh6u sb9e at
Mon Sep 26 16:00:15 EST 1994

Dear colleagues:

We are searching for a US source of embryo/CNS  mounting capillaries as
described in a recent review from Technau's laboratory.  These enable
one to rotate the tissue and thus view from different angles at high
magnification.  We can get them from Hilgenberg GMBH in Germany, but
they are rather pricey.  Has anyone found a US source for these?  We've
checked the usual capillary suppliers with no luck.  Specs are:
borosilicate glass, 65 mm length, a)  ID=0.20 mm, OD=0.25 mm, or b) 
ID=0.24 mm, OD=0.30 mm.  These are unusual in that the walls are very

If this search fails, I might be interested if anyone would like to
share an order from Hilgenberg, although I'm not sure how difficult
this would be through our purchasing system.  Our quote for 1000 of
each type came to over $800.

Thanks in advance.

Jay Hirsh
Univ of Virginia, Dept Biology
(jh6u at

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