SL-2 Cell culture

Brad Riesenberger riesenbe at medicine
Fri Sep 30 10:48:45 EST 1994

nwinegar at tuzo.erin (Neil Winegarden) writes:
  Try calling Sigma Cell Culture tech. service at 800-848-7791.
  Ask for Dr. Terry Johnson.

  Regards, Brad Riesenberger riesenbe at

>I am having a problem with my SL-2 culture and was wondering if anyone 
>has ever run into similar problems.

>I am growing cells in spinner flask cultures, using Shields and Sang's M3 
>media and 10% FCS.  Originally I had no problem getting the cells up to a 
>good concentration and then all of a sudden, they stopped growing.  They 
>are not dead (I have done viability assays) yet they remain at a 
>concentration which is only one third to half what I used to get them to.  

>I have tried adding more serum, and glutamine to my media.

>I'm not sure what else to try.

>Any help would be greatly appreciated.


>Neil Winegarden
>University Of Toronto
>nwinegar at

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