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>Has anyone made P element transformants in species other than D.
	ObSheesh #1: Yes, of course.

	Almost from the Beginning of P Factor Transformation (that's 1982,
for the younguns), inter-species genetic transformations were done. This
was interesting & important in connection with the odd discontinuities
in the species-subgroup distributions of naturally occurring P family
members. Two early examples of published embryo microinjection transfers
of cloned-melanogaster-P into other Drosophila species include Scavarda &
Hartl's work with D. simulans and Brennan et al.'s work with Hawaiian
Drosophila species. The latter laid the foundation for neat inter-species
studies on the evolution of regulatory elements controlling Adh expression.
I'm sure there are many other relevant studies by these & other investigators,
and not necessarily limited to putting melanogaster-P into other species.

>Also, can anyone direct me to a reference with data on heterochromatin
>content in D. mauritiana?
	ObSheesh #2: Try searching the FlyBase references database.

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