Food Media in Small Quantities?

Anja Baldo AMB93002 at UConnVM.UConn.Edu
Wed Aug 2 10:13:59 EST 1995

Hi.  Due to renovations, our usual fly kitchen is unavailable for making
large batches of media.  Instead, it appears we will need to make smaller
batches on a rangetop in the interim.  None of the recipes in appendix N of
the grey book seem to have the same ingredients.  My questions are these:
1) Has anyone any advice about reducing recipes?  (Does it work, or are there
   adjustments I will need to make?)
2) Does anyone have a recipe on file for small batches (~2-4 L) of food with
   the following ingredients:   (percentages are from the large recipe)
    10.0%    sucrose
     6.0%    yellow cornmeal
     3.4%    brewer's yeast
     1.0%    agar
     1.6 vol Tegosept in EtOH
I would like to be sure this food is *right*, since I am culturing other
species than melanogaster, and they tend to prefer fresh food, made well.
If this information is available online somewhere in flybase, I apologize for
bothering you.  I looked and didn't see it anywhere.
Thanks very much.

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