1 liter flyfood data

Derrick T. Barria dbar at CAS.CRC.EDU.PH
Thu Aug 3 04:28:02 EST 1995

On Aug 3, Amja requested data for 2-4 liters of flyfood, here's data for 
1 liter flyfood which can be multiplied by 2 or 4.

This formula is not mine but was kindly provided to me by Phyllis Oster, 
curator of stocks, Mid-America Stock Center. Million thanks to her !!!
Items within ( ) are my improvisations due to the scarcity of such components
in the place I'm working.

100 g Corn Meal (or Corn Flour or Corn Starch)
 20 g Brewer's yeast
 11 g Carragar
1 liter cold water
70 mL Molasses ( or 50 g sucrose if molasses are not available)
18 mL Tegosept ---10 g. in 100 mL Alcohol
25 mL Benzyl Benzoate---10 g in 100 mL Alcohol

Mix corn meal, yeast, and carragar together, add about 200 mL of water to 
make a paste and then add the rest of water, stirring constantly to 
prevent lumps. Cook in double boiler for 30 minutes on low flame, 
stirring a couple of times. At the end of cooking time, add molasses (or 
sucrose) tegosept, and benzyl benzoate, stirring after each solution is 
put in. Then put food on direct flame and let come to a boil and then pour.

(if you don't have pest problems, tegosept and benzyl benzoate can be 

I do hope this will help !

Best of results,

Benjamin Bolival
nsri at nicole.upd.edu.ph
(thanks to my friend at CRC-CAS who allowed to use his account while the NSRI
account was temporarily unavailable).

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