Rendel *reprint* sought

A.J. Davis pab6awd at
Tue Aug 8 05:49:22 EST 1995

Hallo Drosophologists,

Can anyone let me have a reprint or copy of the original journal issue of:

Rendel, J.M. 1945.  Genetics and cytology of D. subobscura.  II Normal and 
selective matings in D. subobscura.   Journal of Genetics  46:  287-302.

I am *not* asking for a photocopy - one of my colleagues is building a reprint 
collection on the species and has not been able to obtain a reprint of this 
particular article.

If anyone has a reprint for sale please mail me with the price and contact 
details *before* sending.

many thanks,  Andrew Davis

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