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Kathy Matthews matthewk at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Wed Aug 9 10:35:30 EST 1995

Given the significant interest in Drosopila medium recipes lately, it
seems like a good idea to create a source of this information within
FlyBase.  The best way to do this for non-data items like food is to
post the information to bionet.drosophila.  Posts to this discussion
group are archived in FlyBase, and can be searched using the query
option provided in the News subdirectory.  A uniform subject line will
make it easier for those searching the archive to identify relevant
posts.  I suggest this format:  Food Recipe - IDENTIFIER.  Replace
IDENTIFIER with your location, institution, the species for which the
food is recommended, or any other distinguishing information.  My next
post will have the subject line Food Recipe - Bloomington, and will 
provide the recipe for our standard medium.  If you have a different
recipe please post it.  

If everyone posting a recipe uses the suggested format for the subject
line, a search of the bionet.dros archive for "food and recipe" (don't
include the quotation marks) should produce a list of relevant posts
with few if any spurious hits.   

--  Kathy

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