Angela M. Baldo amb93002 at
Thu Aug 10 10:17:56 EST 1995

This is a scaled-down version of the recipe that has been made in
Chovnick's lab at UCONN:

3 Trays of fly food:			1.5 trays of fly food:

H20	5,575	ml	          H20	2,787.5	ml
agar	57.5	ml	          agar	28.75	ml
yeast	190	ml	          yeast	95	ml
cornmeal	330	ml	       cornmeal	165	ml
sugar	540	ml	          sugar	270	ml
moldex	90	ml	          moldex	45	ml	

Have ready the appropriate # of receptacles and cheesecloth to cover
them.  Make sure there are newspapers on the counter, or something;
this gets messy.

Measure dry ingredients.  Make sure to tap the cylinder to let them

Boil the water.  

Dissolve agar, yeast, and sugar 

Add the cornmeal very slowly, sprinkling as you stir.  (It helps to
have 2 people for this)

Turn the heat down, and simmer for about 20 minutes, while the mixture

Take off the heat, and stir in the moldex.

Dispense into each container, one-by-one.  (I use a beaker as a scoop.)

Cover the food with cheesecloth, to prevent illicit inhabitants.  Tuck
the edges under.

Wash everything immediately, before it dries and glues on permanently.

H20:  Tap water is OK
yeast:  brewer's yeast
cornmeal:  Quaker, yellow
sugar:  just plain sucrose
moldex:  Tegosept in 95% EtOH


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