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Tue Aug 15 10:49:30 EST 1995

> Aha. I was expecting a complete set of new files. I already picked up the
> genes.txt file (and I can prove it: :-)
> but thought maybe there was a new release due (especially as my SRS indexing
> shows a little under 7500 genes).

> Keep up the good work guys!!

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Hi Peter,

     Thanks for the kind words.

     As you noted in a separate posting, the bibliography files are
somewhat older than the main data files.  This is because we always
get the new bibliographic records in place first so as to be able
to get all the new data items properly linked to the literature.
We frequently provide the updated bibliographic records on the
server before we have everything else ready to go, although it
is unusual to have such a long time in between.  As it happens we
will shortly do a maintenance update to the bibliography that
won't merit a special announcement.  We did just notice that
we have not updated the file listing FBrf numbers that have disappeared
as we have cleaned up duplicate citation listings in some time, and we
will update that file at the same time we provide the maintenance update.

    I am surprised at your report of finding fewer than 7500 genes when
you did the SRS indexing.  Something strange must be going on at your
end or ours, suggest you send email to flybase-help at
with any additional details.  (I expect the readers of bionet.drosophila
do not wish to see all the technical details, though we might wish
to inform them of the end result of pinning down whatever the problem is.)
All I can tell you is that in the genes.txt file on IUBio there are 9012
lines that begin with "*a" and that in the genes.rpt file there are 9012
lines that beging with "Gene symbol".  Appreciate your help if there is
any problem in what we have provided.

					Wayne Rindone for
					flybase-help at

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