Major FlyBase Update

Peter Rice pmr at
Mon Aug 14 19:00:38 EST 1995

In article <9508142157.AA20801 at> flybase-help at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU (FlyBase Project Members) writes:
>       Actually, the announcement is a bit on the late side.  We deposited
>   the major update files on August 2 but did not manage to announce them until
>   today.  I attach the directory listing I just made using anonymous
>   ftp to  Please let us know if you encountered 
>   anything different.

Aha. I was expecting a complete set of new files. I already picked up the
genes.txt file (and I can prove it: :-)
but thought maybe there was a new release due (especially as my SRS indexing
shows a little under 7500 genes).

Keep up the good work guys!!

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