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----- A new version of BankIt; you can now submit large sequences ------

A new version of our World Wide Web DNA sequence submission tool
(BankIt) was just installed.  This new version now allows submissions
of sequences longer than 30,000 nucleotides, something not possible
with previous versions.

Most (all?) WWW clients still have a limitation of ~30,000 bytes per
input window, but we have circumvented this by first asking the
submitter how many nucleotides they want to submit, and then presenting
them with the number of DNA sequence input windows which will allow
them to submit what ever size of sequence they want (aliquoted in the
different windows as necessary). The submitter is then invited to add
coding sequence interval(s) and protein sequence as well as mRNA
feature(s) and other relevant information to complete your submission.

Please be aware that there is a 350 kb limit on GenBank records (as
agreed upon by members of the International Collaboration, which
include EBI/EMBL, DDBJ and NCBI/GenBank).  Cosmid size submissions
(40-50 kb) work very well with this new version of BankIt but you are
now able to determine what is the best working size for your
submission(s) and to use it in BankIt.

You can access BankIt through the NCBI/GenBank's home page 
at this URL:


If you have any questions on using BankIt, please contact the GenBank
support staff at 'info at' or at (301) 496-2475.

Feedback is also always very welcome!

regards to all,


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