Graduate Training at Penn State

Graham Thomas gxt5 at PSU.EDU
Wed Aug 23 10:08:30 EST 1995

Penn State is interested in recruiting students who are interested in
getting graduate training in the area of Cell and Developmental Biology. We
have set up a WWW site where prospective students can find out more
information about our research in this area (includes some cool images
[including some fly ones] and movies). The URL is

please pass it on to anyone in your labs who is interested in this area and
is considering going to graduate school.

Drosophila research had been a dramatic growth area here at Penn State. In
the last two years the number of labs using this model system has grown to
eight, ranging in interest from nut's and bolts transcriptional regulation
through cell and developmental biology, neurobiology and molecular
evolution. So any of your students in love with the fly might also want to
check us out for that reason. (all but the latest fly lab are listed on the
Manning page URL

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