Myc tagging on polytenes

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Fri Aug 25 17:14:16 EST 1995

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Glenn.Doughty at QUICKMAIL.YALE.EDU ("Glenn Doughty") wrote:

>                                             Myc tagging on polytenes
>   A message from the BIG GUY                8/22/95                 10:23 AM
> I have been unable to detect our Myc epitope in polytene chromosome
> preparations.  (It works fine in both Westerns and tissue stainings.)  Has
> anyone used Myc tagging in this way with any (or no) success?  Are there any
> unique conditions which must be met?  I am open to suggestions.
>                Glenn Doughty 

In the past, when I have used the myc tag, I have found it to be quite
sensitive to proteolytic cleavage.  This may be a problem here so it may
be advantageous to switch to FLAG or SV5, or something similar.

Hope that helps.


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