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Thu Aug 31 15:03:45 EST 1995


No doubt you will get replies suggesting better miticides but I would 
like to suggest a procedure to be applied before you use chemicals. 
Basically it is to take a relatively small sample of the contaminated stock
- perhaps 10 males and 10 females and runb them through a series of rapid 
transfers in ordinary Drosophila vials. The idea is to get rid of them by 
"serial dilution".  I used to have a series of 10 clean vials: tap the 
unanesthetized flies into the first vial, shake it around a little and 
then transfer within a minute or less into vial no. 2 and then into 3 and 
so on. Put the adults in a food vial and then in the afternoon of the 
same day, go through this procedure again, autoclaving all the vials the 
flies have been in and wiping up the desk surface. Several days of this 
will clear these flies of most mite species (some are tougher to get rid 
of than others) but you may have to clean up your lab, wiping shelves with 
a miticide and standing the vials on a towel saturated with the same.

Good luck with this "naturalistic method"! Aloha from 

Hamp Carson

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Guillermo Rozo Biologia UNALCOL wrote:

> what I mean is that I am having some problems becouse of mites, I'd like 
> to know if any of you have any info about mite control for Drosophila 
> medios, I have tried with Tedion, but I have not had any good resoult, 
> benzyl benzoate will be tested, but I'd like to know if you know about 
> other ways for controling acaros -mites-, here we have a very serious 
> problem wit this kind of contamination. Thanks a lot for any 
> contribution. bye :-) 

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