Request for Dros. obscura group flies

Leonard Foster lfoster at
Mon Dec 4 04:01:38 EST 1995

Hello all,
My name is Jon Durkin, and I am a master's student at Simon Fraser 
University in Vancouver, British Columbia. My project involves the 
isolation of a functioning retrotransposon 412 from various Drosophila, 
particularly the following members of the Drosophila obscura group:

D. madeirensis
D. gaunche
D. subobscura
D. kitumensis
D. microlabis
D. subsilvestris
D. obscura
D. ambigua
D. tristis

  If you have any of these species that you could spare a culture of, or 
know someone that does, please e-mail me at jdurkin at

Thanks in advance,
Jon Durkin
jdurkin at


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