Meister pattern data for BDGP stocks at Bloomington

Kathy Matthews matthewk at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Tue Dec 5 20:32:43 EST 1995

Marie Meister (CNRS - IBMC,  15, rue Rene Descartes, 67084-Strasbourg, France,
meister at has made available a large set of late third
instar (wandering stage) lacZ staining pattern data for Berkeley Drosophila 
Genome Project enhancer-trap P insertion lines held at the Bloomington Stock 
Center.  The data have been incorporated into the Bloomington stock list
and are available for searching on FlyBase.  

The following body-parts controlled vocabulary was used to enter these data 
into the stock list.  Use one or more keywords in a FlyBase search of the 
stock center stock lists to see the relevant pattern and stock information.  
To see only lines with Meister data include 'and Meister' in your search 
string, e.g., 'trachea and Meister' (quotation marks are for clarity - don't 
use them in your search string).  

anterior gut
eye-antennal disc
fat body
foregut imaginal ring
gastric caecum
hindgut imaginal ring
imaginal disc
Malpighian tubule
midgut imaginal island
prothoracic gland
ring gland
somatic muscle

The following information is excerpted from Marie Meister's letter of 
transmittal to the Bloomington Stock Center:


The staining has been done without fixation by direct dissection into a drop
of X-Gal solution (0.2% X-gal, 3.5 mM K[[4]]Fe(CN)[[6]], 3.5 mM 
K[[3]]Fe(CN)[[6]], 1 mM MgCl[[2]], 150 mM NaCl, 10 mM Na[[2]]HPO[[4]], 
10 mM NaH[[2]]PO[[4]] and 30% Ficoll).  The omission of the fixation step
allows a more rapid screen, but it may result in some inaccuracy in the brain 
area staining (the distinction between ring gland, imaginal discs and brain is 
somewhat difficult when the staining is strong and leaking).  The indications
concerning the gut staining, especially in the case of weak colorations, may
be misleading because there are variable levels and patterns of endogenous
galactosidase activities in these tissues, depending on the genetic 
background.  The results are given in levels of staining intensity:

	++ strong staining
	+ intermediate
	(+) weak 
  	((+)) very weak


Many thanks to Marie for making these data available.

--  Kathy

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