Question about Drosophila immune system

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 I'm glad to send my question to this group. 
I'm a beginner in INTERNET space, so I hope hope your consideration of my fault.
I'm  a  postgraduate  student  from  Korea  University,  Seoul,  Korea,  major  in  insect 
I  also engaged  in Doping  Control Center,  KIST(Korea  Institute Science  & Technology), 
well-known for  doping test of  Ben Johnson,  who  was winner  of 100 m  race in 88  Seoul 
 Well, I'm intersted in cellular immune system and development of hemopoietic organ. 
Especially,  I'd   like  to   know  the  cytoskeletal   roles  in  immune   reactions  and    
differentiation facter(hormone?) of hametopoietic stem cells in Drosophila.
But it is difficult to find that informations and the people or groups who studied on that 
So, if possible, I'd  like to be informed of the scientists  or  groups' information, such 
as e-mail addresses, fax number, address ect.

 Your help will be invaluable to me.
My E-mail address : young at
    Fax number :82-1-958-5059, Young-Rok Seo. Doping Control Center, KIST  
I'm looking forward to your responding.

                 Sincerely yours,

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