Transfection and Schneider cells

yosef gruenbaum gru at
Fri Dec 8 01:48:31 EST 1995

Hi netters

I am inquiring about transient transfection to Drosophila Schneider cells.
My questions are as follows:

1. The transfection methods: What are the suggested transfection methods to
transiently express genes in  Schneider cells. Also, does anyone have
experience with lipophectin-mediated transient transfection in Schneider

2. The expression vectors: Our gene is cloned in mammalian expression
vector under the Alfa globin promoter and SV40 enhancer or  under the
phosphglycerokinase promoter. Does anyone have experience with such
constructs in Drosophila cells ?

I will be also grateful for information regarding other vectors.
Thank you in advance,

Ruth Padan-Asheri
Laboratory of Dr. Yosef Gruenbaum

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Department of Genetics,
The Life Sciences Institute
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