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Fri Dec 8 20:15:30 EST 1995

This posting serves three functions:
1) to remind flyfolk to send abstracts for the 1996 San Diego Drosophila Meeting to arrive at GSA by December 11.
2) to remind workshop organizers to contact us soon.
3) to clarify confusion brought on by our reorganization of the "Areas of Research Interest".  Some have indicated  that we 
left their area of interest out.  Our motivation was to reorganize the areas according to more modern divisions of 
biological problems.  The areas cover all previous areas, even if it may not be obvious.  The bottom line is, use your own 
judgement, and focus on the area you think you are studying!  Here are some examples:
    Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis were combined into 6.Gametogenesis
    Hormones and Receptors can be submitted to 15.Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Regulation
    Genomics is now part of 4.Chromosome Structure and Function, or 14.Techniques
    Transposable elements are in 4.Chromosome Structure and Function, or 18.Populations and Evolution
    Visual System to 11.Sensory Systems and Behavior or 13.Signal Transduction
    Dorsoventral Patterning to 2.Cell-Cell Signalling or 5.Embryonic Development
    Homeotics to 5.Embryonic Development
    Imaginal Development to 9.Organogenesis
    Neurogenesis to 8.Nervous System Development

Gary Karpen
Sandy Bernstein
Jim Posakony

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