CO2 anesthesizer

Andrew Simmonds Genetics Group/University of Alberta a.simmonds at
Sat Dec 9 19:46:32 EST 1995

Just a plug for the local company, (Tyler Research), that supplies a 
nifty Drosophila CO(2) anaesthetization system.

Catalog # DA-1 Complete Drosophila Anasthetizer System.  Includes fly 
collection tube, CO2 delivery tube and sorting plate (7.6cm x 15.2cm)

Tyler Research Instruments Corporation
8360 Davies Road
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6E 4Y5
Telephone: (403) 448-1249
Fax: (403) 469-2380

Standard Disclaimer: I am not associated with the company.... just use, 
(and like) their stuff.

Andrew Simmonds
Genetics Group, University of Alberta
a.simmonds at

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