D. melanogaster polytene maps

Terrence Lyttle tlyttle at hawaii.edu
Fri Dec 15 16:38:21 EST 1995

   We have just opened a new page on the Web 
(http://www2.hawaii.edu/usr-cgi/ssis/bio/) for University of Hawaii 
genetics, evolutionary and molecular biology information and links to 
other sites.  It is still under construction, but already has a 
reasonable amount of information (we think).  In particular, the 
Drosophila community might want to check the following subsidiary page 
for reasonably high-res scans of Bridges' polytene maps in 2 division 

The X and second chromosomes are present now, and I will be adding the 3 
and 4 over the next few days.  If anyone would like to make other 
cytogenetic maps/images available, please contact me by email.

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