Crete '96 --- need announcement.

John Reinitz reinitz at
Wed Dec 20 17:11:17 EST 1995

Hi Fly Folx,

I was wondering if some kind person could email me a copy
of the full announcement for Crete 10 (referred to as 'X' in the URL below,
but why use *Roman* numbers for a *Greek* meeting, Spyros?? Or is this the
meeting for people who study sex-linked genes?)?

So far all I've found is

via flybase, but it has no addresses.

John Reinitz <reinitz at> v:212-241-1952 f:212-860-9279
USnail: Brookdale Center for Molecular Bio., Box 1126 Mt. Sinai Med. School, 
One Gustave L. Levy Place, NYC, NY 10029 USA. I don't speak for/from Mt. Sinai.
email me for pgp 2.3a public key; k.f. = D7C9356AEBF0F04BDE380BBB3DB84E5E

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