Ovipositor Teeth

William J. Etges wetges at COMP.UARK.EDU
Thu Jan 5 11:55:05 EST 1995

At  3:02 PM 5/1/95 +0000, P.D. Worley wrote:
>Dear Drosophila People,
>  I am observing the usage and structure of ovipositor teeth on various
>species, in relation to breeding substrate use. I wondered if anyone knows of
>work that has previously been done concerning this area.
>Paul Worley

                The old classic paper  Strasburger, M.  1932 Bau, Funktion
und Variabilitat des Darmtractus von Drosophila melanogaster Meiegen.
Zweitschrift fur Wissenschaftliche Zoologie 140:539-649 should get you on
your way. Its in German, so good luck.  There is a "well known" correlation
between mouthhook morphology and toughness of the breeding substrate, but
mouthhook morphology changes drastically with instar, so be careful. There
is an interesting diagram on p.259 in Barker and Starmer 1982 Ecological
Genetics and Evolution The Cactus-Yeast-Drosophila Model System, Academic
press showing mouthhook differences among desert species.  A student of
mine learned how to quantify mouthhook variation in all instars of D.
mojavensis several years ago in efforts to see if there was geographic
variation in tooth morphology associated with the use of different host
cacti.  Unfortunately, he never got to look at samples from more than one
population. Other than that, I'll have to do some looking around for more
specific references.


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