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Fri Jan 13 16:36:45 EST 1995

Dear Saffron,

    Using the FlyBase gopher+ server at and
searching for 018E* in the Stock search in the Stocks menu, you
can learn of stocks containing breakpoints at this location.  This
search turned up two (possibly identical) deficiency stocks, one
each available from the Bloomington and the Umea stock center.
The gopher+ report listing the two is attached.

				Wayne Rindone for
				flybase-help at

B-#972 Df(1)HF396/FM7c 
Breakpts: 018E01-02;020 
Comments: Lefevre 
Center: Bloomington Stock Center (Indiana Univ.)   Contact: matthewk at 

U-#15800 Df(1)HF396 / FM7, y[31d] sc[8] w[a] sn[X2] v[Of] g[4] B 
Breakpts: 018E01-02; 020 
Center: Umea Stock Center  Contact: Karen Ekstrom helena.ostbye at 

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