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Sat Jan 14 21:59:01 EST 1995

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Franz Chun) wrote:

> One of my new projects for the new year in the lab is to use drosophilia
tissue culture to
> study gene expression.  I have never worked with this system before
> and am in need of advice on where to get information.
> Specifically, I'm in need of info on cloning vehicles.  In the lab there
> is a vector that has a drosophilia actin Promoter.  What other promoters
will work in
> Drosophilia tissue culture?
> Thanks for any information!
> Rene Chun

I have an excellent ubiquitin promoter in pBS. If you are interested
please reply via E-mail to b_young at I have used this
vector in S2 cells and it works great!

Brad Young

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