Need deficiency in 2E-F area

William Gelbart gelbart at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Jan 25 09:43:55 EST 1995

Dear Stephen,

FlyBase has a new tool called CytoSearch that can give you a listing
of all deletions in 2E-F.  We can't however direct you to which laboratories
have any of them in stock.  (Hope to someday.)  Below is the list of 
replies to a CytoSearch query for 2E-2F.  I'm also attaching a copy of
our public announcement of the FlyBase home page, in case you missed it.

Best regards,

Bill Gelbart

---------------------list of 2E-2F deletions begins------------------------


  involving 2E-2F +/- 2 divisions : 
  maximum segment size for duplications: 6 division
  maximum segment size for deletions: 2 division
  --- Deleted segments
 1E3-4; 3C8-9             Tp(1;3)N[50k]*
 1E5-F1; 3C3-5            Tp(1;2)w[m52b]*
 1F; 3C                   Tp(1;Y)B4*
 2A2-3; 3C3-4             Tp(1;4)w[m52b13]*
 2B6; 2E1-2               Df(1)dor2T
 2C2-3; 3E2-3             Df(1)z1
 2C2-4; 2E2-F1            Df(1)Pgd35
 2C5-6; 3A9-B1            Df(1)z4
 2C5-6; 3B2-3             Df(1)z3
 2C8-9; 3A1-2             Df(1)pn10
 2C8-9; 3E3-4             Df(1)w-N14a
 2C10-D1; 3C6-7           Df(1)N-264-79
 2D; 3C1-2                Df(1)w71b
 2D2-3; 3C11-12           Df(1)N-264-99
 2D3-4; 2E3               Df(1)pn38
 2D3-4; 2F5               Df(1)Pgd-kz
 2D3-4; 3E2-3             Df(1)N-264-38
 2D4-5; 3C3-4             Df(1)z2
 2D5; 2F5                 Df(1)pn24
 2D6-E1; 3C2-3            Df(1)w64c
 2E-F; 3A3                Df(1)z-deb3
 2E-F; 3A3                Df(1)z-deb92
 2E-F; 4B                 Df(1)cho7
 [2E]; [2E]               Df(1)24
 2E1-2; 3C1-2             Df(1)c99-w[m4]
 2E1-2; 3C2               Df(1)64c18
 2E1; 3A4                 Df(1)pn7a
 2E1; 3C1-3               Df(1)TEM501
 2E2-F1; 3A4-6            Df(1)TEM304
 2E2-F1; 3C1-2            Df(1)TEM1
 2E3-F; 3A5-B4            Df(1)278.4B1
 2F-3A; 3A                Df(1)HM458
 2F1; 3A4                 Df(1)2F1-3A4
 2F2; 3A6                 Df(1)11-83
 2F2; 3A6                 Df(1)Sp2F-3A
 2F3-4; 3C1-2             Df(1)w68
 2F5-3A1; 3A3             Df(1)TEM6
 2F5-3A1; 3C2-4           Df(1)TEM75
 2F5-3A1; 3C3             Df(1)X10
 2F6-3A1; 3B4-C1          Df(1)X12
 2F6; 3C5                 Df(1)70b23
 2F6; 3C5                 Df(1)JC19

------------------list of 2E-2F deletions ends---------------------------

--------------------FlyBase home page announcement follows---------------

                        FlyBase WWW Home Page

   FlyBase is pleased to announce public availability of a fully
developed WWW home page for exploring and searching the FlyBase database
of genetic information about Drosophila.

     The URL you can use to reach the FlyBase home page is

     The FlyBase home page offers several new capabilities.

    Many of the reports you can request as the result of a search include
WWW hyperlinks to the WWW pages for such cross-referenced databases as
the sequence databases and Medline.

     The most notable new feature is called CytoSearch, a search
tool that enables users to create customized cytogenetic maps of any
desired region of the genome.  You can specify the region as well as
the types of genetic entities (e.g., genes, transposons, aberrations, 
clones) you wish to have listed for that region.  To get to CytoSearch, 
select CytoSearch on the page that comes up when you select FlyBase Data 
Access on the main home page.  It is also possible to reach CytoSearch 
by selecting New FlyBase Search Tools on the home page.  Be sure to read 
the CytoSearch help document if you wish to take full advantage of these 
powerful searches.

    The FlyBase Data Access page also provides gopher+ access to the
FlyBase server.  All gopher+ search forms as well as the forms for
updating your address or ordering stocks from the Bloomington stock
center are fully functional.  The Gopher+ WWW relay we are providing does
not yet know how to offer you multiple report forms for gopher+ search
results, so if you require search results in rtf format, you should
continue to use a gopher+ client to request them.

    You can use the Contact FlyBase choice on the home page to make
inquiries or report problems to flybase-help at, or to
send updates and corrections to the information in FlyBase to
flybase-updates at  If you contact us for help, please
indicate which WWW browser (Mosaic, Netscape, Lynx, something else) and
what sort of computer you were using.  This will help us to provide you
with tools that meet your needs.

    As before, you can continue to use gopher or gopher+ clients to 
access FlyBase. 

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