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At  7:46 PM 24/1/95 -0800, Fidler, Andrew wrote:
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>From: Fidler, Andrew
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>Subject: Instant Media
>Date: Friday, 20 January 1995 12:39PM
>I am trying to produce an instant media for use in secondary school biology
>class.... one of these "just add water" type of mixes.  The problem I'm
>facing is with the fungicide.... the fungicide I have been using,
>methylparaben, is not soluble in cold water and so isn't really suitable.
> Can anyone suggest an altenative that is readily water soluble?

One can also use proprionic acid at a final concentration (once the food is
made) of ca.0.5 %. Thus you could make a 0.5% of sterilized distilled water
to add to the dry materials. Just make sure you try it out first.


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